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Advice on children’s health and well-being with with their mother.
I have been separated from my children’s mother 2 coming up to 3 years. I pay the amount that CSA has calculated , which I don’t contest. I’am picking our children up to to see them with stained,dirty clothes and footwear that isn’t the right size. Both their heads are scabby , mud underneath long uncut nails and inappropriately dressed for certain weather, which makes them frequently ill and they are constantly falling over with huge footwear resulting in injury and trips to the hospital. I have taken many pictures and kept documents as I believe the money that she gets isn’t going towards the children. I understand the money is for everything (house they live in and bills etc) but it definitely isn’t going on clothing , food and anything else that greatly benefits the children and rather on the lavish stuff for herself , new partner and their baby. I’am having to make sure they have plenty of food and warm suitable clean clothing when they’re with me and getting to the point where I don’t want to take them home. I work long and hard to make sure they get as I can go without. These things don’t cost a great deal and can be bought from Primark and Asda. A roast dinner isn’t expensive and quickly made in the steamer. However what can I do to make sure our children are kept healthy , well fed and clothed? I have mentioned this to my ex on numerous occasions and the results being ill mannered and ignorant . It’s gone on long enough and I just want the best possible life for my children. 

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