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Girl on the train
Hi Guys 
My marriage is ending and over the last few months i have started to develop feelings for someone on the train. A few problems 
1. She is younger then me and i dont think she would want to be in a relationship that is complicated (Marriage ending and i also have a 2 year old daughter) but i dont know this 100%  
2. She always has her headphones in or is on the phone.
3. I know she had a boyfriend (Who cheated on her) I heard her in a conversation on the train with i guess a friend when i was sitting near her so i heard most of the conversation. I know she wanted to take him back but i dont know if she did.

I've been getting on the same train as her for a few months so i'm not sure if i went over now if it would seem a bit weird i couldn't before but i'm now able to. We have had good eye contact over the past few weeks (A lot of the time i catch her looking over then when i look she looks away then sometimes looks back over a few seconds later) and recently when I've got on the train she's been looking at me until i sit down not sure if this is her eyeing me up or not. I know this is really childish but i'm not sure how to play this but i do really like her and with my marriage ending i dont even know if it's the right time. Major advice needed.

sorry to be blunt, but it sounds like you don't even know her and have never spoken to her? Sounds like you are investing a little too much into a stranger maybe

I have done this with a handsome man on the train. I caught him eyeing me up for months, had many the fantasy about talking to him, and was delighted when I eventually got a message off him on Plenty of Fish after a dry period. So romantic!!! Turned out to be seeing someone already, looking for some extra fun on the side and a complete sleazeball all round lol.

I'd suggest either trying to find a seat near her and saying good morning, or when getting off the train try and ensure you get to politely let her out of her seat into the queue. And seeing if she even responds
Get the timing right - people are all different, are you ready for a new relationship, ask yourself this, if she looked on your phone or went to your flat, how much 'presence' would the ex have? This often freaks out new girlfriends... If its really OK with you, then go for it, age is not as much an obstacle as you think, half you age and plus 7...?

But you really need to strike up a conversation, she might just be day dreaming at the moment rather then making eye contact, you need to think about getting on at the same station as her, that way you can position yourself close to her on the platform. If you are a total coward (like me), give her a card or note... might be considered creepy so do it carefully. Good luck!
This could well turn into the "Separated Dad's Forum" version of the Nescafe Gold adverts....
Start with a simple "Good morning" or a smile when you see her, that builds the familarity.

Then when thats happened for a few days, if you manage to sit next to each other you can strike up a conversation. Just banal stuff like train being busier that normal etc. Keep it light and friendly and see where it goes.

If nothing, youre getting practice talking to an attractive woman.

Have low expectations, and certainly dont go as deep to be talking about your relationship history.
See those things between your legs ???? Give them a good squeeze and man the F up !!!! Are you 6 years old ?? go an speak to the girl and ask her for her number or ask her out. At least you can move on with your life as you are seemingly obsessing about a girl you see on the train and haven't even spoke to.

Do your self a favour and get tinder or plenty of fish and enjoy yourself. Theres a lot of like minded women out there too
By all means go and strike up a conversation with her, but be careful how you do it. If she's got headphones on she may not appreciate random blokes talking to her. It's not as socially acceptable as it was to hit on random strangers, mainly because younger people these days tend to couple up online.

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