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Ex moving in with new partner with my kids
Hi, just after some advice on how to approach this situation. 

Basically we have sold the family home and the ex is saying she is moving into a rental with 'someone else'. She is refusing to tell me who this is until they move in together. She is a pathological liar and has before threatened that she is moving someone into our house etc and it has never materialised, so this all may be another one of her pointless games to make me jealous, which I am not, my only concern is my children.

Lets say she does move in with another man, how would you approach it? Would you ask to meet them, would you do some research on them, would you even threaten them that if they touch a hair on our kids head they will regret it. What if the person is an unsavory character, i.e. drug using lowlife who will ruin our children's innocence etc (my biggest fear).

Basically, how did you, or would you approach it?
I have moved your thread to the appropriate area.

Regarding her moving a guy in, you need to be sure that they are no danger to your kids, so you may need to do a Sarahs Law application on them, this would ensure that you have all the data to hand for what you need to think on.

Personally if my ex was to move in with a guy - I would Sarahs Law the guy and then if nothing came of it - wish them all the luck in the world.
The opinions here are not that of Separated Dads, but merely a loving father who has been through the process and has come out the other side.
And dont let your ex know you are making enquiries . keep it hush hush as it will kick off even more

Dont threaten them or even speak to them. You risk non molestation orders/restraining orders , being locked up 3-12 hours and not seeing your children if they are present if you were to do this. only way in the long run is to be calm/child focused and use mediation or courts for disputes. if you are still having children maybe use school for pick up /handovers until things calm down.

A lot of people have seen red ,threatened or just text or rung to voice their concerns or in some cases nothing at all and been prevented from seeing children for long periods of time. often with an ex knowing how to push your buttons to get you to react
Sadly, as mentioned, unless he's a threat to the kids there's really nothing you can do other than let them get on with it and move on yourself. Not nice I know, but it's part of the process and you'll have to deal with it in a calm manner or risk causing yourself further problems. Just remember that she'll use it to rub it in your face at every opportunity. Just smile and let her get on with it is all I can say.

When my STBX eventually moves in with someone else I'll not give a single shit. I'm already mentally prepared for it. I just hope he's not an absolute twat to the kids. They'll tell me if he is... then I'll deal with it in an appropriate manner.
On Sarah's Law, you'll have to attend your local police station to get the application completed.
Ideally you'll need his name and DOB in order that they can do a proper search !!
My experience was that they weren't very up to speed on the process and regarded you as an inconvenience.

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