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Interim court order continues to be broken
Hi there, thanks for everyone’s help so far with my situation. I was awarded an interim court order a few weeks back and due in court end of November. Still not seen my daughter. Out of interest if I go the whole period of the interim court order being award to the court date (6 weeks) without seeing my daughter, how will the judge look at this?

There is no reason given other than my daughter doesn’t want to see me as she is “too upset”. I haven’t even been afforded the opportunity to speak to daughter in person despite pleading for this and I know that she won’t be wanting this but will feel under pressure cos of her mum. I’ve also tried writing and this doesn’t work.

Thanks again.
If it was an interim court order and cafcass were present. i think sometimes you can contact cafcass to let them know yet again shes refused contact .
Problem is that where you havent acted for a few weeks its maybe best you wait until next court hearing and inform courts then. They wont be very happy shes defied courts again.

I would say something like miss .... has shown a total disregard to something a court has ordered and has took it upon herself to deny access for no reason whatsoever. In meantime i feel she is turning my daughter against me and not allowing her to have a loving relationship with her father. If she is at school you need to use them for handover and drop offs or even nursery
Id be worried that your ex is clearly not scared of breaking the order. Is she any more likely to abide bya full order? If your ex sticks to her story it might be a contact centre or indirect contact for a number of weeks. Id be inclined to try everything possible to show the court. Suggest a letter or phone call first, maybe with another family member. Something. That would clearly show she's not going to abide by any compromise.
problem is marky is in court in 3 weeks so no chance of even doing supervised due to hearing been so close. So going to have to calmly wait until next court hearing. I would be racking my brains finding ways to prevent her breaking it or making it harder for her too. school/nursery pick ups is a good one.. and having a well written court order.
I’ve had a long standing informal arrangement for years. Only reason I applied to court was because daughter wanted more time with me and also that ex recently kept cutting my time short for her to suit without compromise. Never had access fully stopped until ex got served with court writ and then she goes in a huff. Judge literally said there is no reason in the mean time why long standing arrangement cannot be stuck to in the hearing a few weeks ago. I have attempted to collect my daughter for weeks, texts go unanswered or get a hostile response or I turn up to ex’s door and I get death threats or no answer at the door. It’s beyond a joke. Just find it funny how my ex stops contact the minute she gets a court writ and when an order is made she continues to blame my daughter claiming she now doesn’t want to see me - funny that as she never didn’t want to see me until ex got served with court writ eh....

Also have a meeting with CAFCASS this week as they have spoken to my daughter. They are aware contact has been stopped.

Also ex has now blocked my phone number too and have texts of her telling me to F off.

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