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Please help me. Ex being difficult with access to son.
The advice I was given was - you might as well give it to her as there are so many ways someone can easily find out. Tracing agent (done that myself), land registry search ( that even tells someone how much you paid for it). If you’re renting she could do a trace for £35 and find out in a few days.

Are you buying or renting? I would just do a biff email. From now on anything you do and write could be good for evidence in future :-)

So maybe just

Dear Ex

My proposed location is in a different area of town about x miles from you and is not confirmed yet. As soon as I have the keys and the address is definite I will give you the address so you know where son will be going.

Regards, you

No-one can argue that that isn’t polite but on your terms. Yes she may snoop but everyone does that - I have snooped each time ex has moved and see how much she is paying! And also to know where your kid lives .

She’ll soon get bored with the idea.
I’m actually renting, although I’ve not told her otherwise. Think she’s just miffed I’m getting my own place more than anything, her living situation is a bit of an organised chaos situation, she’s shacked up with her current boyfriend at his parents. From my view it’s stability for my son having his own room again, really looking forward to it. I’ve rented a room off someone for a year now which has been really tough but things always work out in the end.
Sounds like a great move. I had to do the shared house thing for a bit - good to get your own space.
Massively! Now getting pestered about when I’m going but as with all moves it’s all out of my hands. Really looking forward to moving as their living habits are not ideal but it was mainly a stop gap until I got my court order out of the way. Onwards and upwards! Looking forward to Christmas now.

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