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false allegation of domestic violence and child abuse
I am married from last 15 years married on 2003 moved to uk in 2004 with wife.
I have 2 young kids aged 9 boy in years 5 and aged 5 girl in year 1 both in full-time education. Me and my wife had a dispute while on holidays where my in-laws’ lives. They asked to get some amount of money from me and file a false case of domestic violence while I was on holidays. I know they used some bribes and well-known politicians to pressure local police to take action against me. They filled fake and false allegation on me I manage to get that removed and paid the amount demand from my wife.
I have spoken to a number of solicitors and British embassy in India they all said we can’t bring your kids back to uk due to no Hague convention treaty with India. So I have been forced to compromise and pay unlawful demand of money to my wife.
When I am back to uk after missing my work for 90 days due to false allegations and fake police case I have been contacted by children’s social services asking me to meet them and I met one social worker in Barnet house. She explained to me I have been accused of domestic violence and child abuse via email to them by my wife.the council wants me to attend a domestic violence perpetrator programme or course ( my concern is if I attend that course that means I accept that I have done domestic violence?.)
We are currently living together and she wants to take allegations back and children social services wants me to attend something called a conference by end of this month where police council and 2 schools will be there and they will make a judgment how to deal with this case.
My main concern is I haven’t done anything wrong domestic violence or child abuse how can I be proven innocent in this matter and how to fight fake allegation as my wife who made this allegation wants to support to resolve this process.
It will most likely be a multi agency meeting,MAPPA
Multi-agency public protection arrangement.

I would not accept any of the Allegations if they had not occurred.

Stick to your guns .The system will try and point the finger at you. fight fact with nonsense.
However you are already labelled with a stereotype asian male who likes beating up women. Forced marriages , honour killings, controlling etc. List goes on.
The training professionals receive is appalling. I see thus at work myself. Men victims don't exist
Are you saying she wants to withdraw her allegations now but you still required to attend a meeting
(11-15-2018, 11:29 PM)warwickshire1 Wrote: Are you saying she wants to withdraw her allegations now but you still required to attend a meeting

Hi yes she wants to withdraw allegation somewhat as she made up all of them and now wants to take some allegation back i will have meeting on Tuesday with child protection council and police and solcial worker not sure how that will help.

As there is not a single evidence to prove these fake allegations. Its all about money.
When you go to meeting just stress how important it is children have a relationship with their father and thats it. Hopefully at meeting contact can be discussed and arranged, after all she is withdrawing her allegations

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