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Strangest Thing Your Ex Accused You Of?
As a “co parent” I put butter on my daughter’s broccoli just to annoy ex.

In the “relationship” I would be outside in the summer laying the patio or chopping logs with a four pack of beer. When I didn’t finish them and forgot to take them in I was “hiding alcohol in the garden”
When I was doing the daycare for the kids I always made sure the flat was tidy before the ex came home.

In our bathroom the only cabinet was full of her stuff and the window ledge has a couple of candles on and her washbag. I keep my toiletries in my clothes cupboard as theres nowhere in the bathroom to put it.

I tidied up and I made the mistake of putting my washbag on the shelf too. She went crazy saying I'd 'ruined her display'! Not a mention of the spotless flat or her clean washing.
They clutch at straws to try get the upper hand..

One of mine stated in 2012 "he asked me who a male was on my Facebook" - apparently this is emotional abuse? lol....

When they lie more the easier it is for you, most of the lies I got accused of I had physical evidence to disprove the lies
Previous job i traveled abroad 4-5 times a year and this upset the ex wife greatly, partly jealousy i thought as i was in places like Dubai, Hong Kong.

Would always get accused of simply going away on a jolly and out drinking picking up women every night, dispite the fact i was doing 13 hour days when away.

Ex demanded that i had to leave my laptop on Skype in the corner of my hotel room on all night so i could be seen.....was just one of my many unreasonable behaviors i put to the divorce court.
One of the unreasonable behaviour accusations is I was more in love with my new Ping driver than her. At least the Ping driver doesn't answer back and shows a bit of love!!
The first time my STBX put together a list of 'unreasonable behaviour' she listed that I went out with my friends. What?! Who doesn't?! Ironically she went out with her friends as much, if not more than I did...

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