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Male Retreat
I wouldn't mind trying this out. it sounds would be good to see if anyone has tried something similar.
I have a feeling sooner or later some women will complain for not being able to join.
Interesting - pity no comments are allowed on the Guardian site. Interesting to me as this seems to directly address emotional issues that I've never tried to address...

And at £600 I'm unlikely to do this, but imagine if the NHS offered this kind of service, how much the NHS woul save in the long run....
As a woman, I would be delighted if more men were able to access experiences such as this. The article raises some really valid points about compliments and intimacy.

Over 20 years ago when I was a student I attended a mixed gender afternoon session about raising our personal power. It was either free or just a couple of quid. I can recall an exercise where we were encouraged to focus all our emotional pain into a pebble, and then place it into the circle. Which resulted on me and another lady sobbing on each other's shoulders and becoming good friends. These experiences, even when short, can be incredibly powerful and life affirming

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