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Advise pls
I just found out that my STBX mother will be staying with us for at least 3 mos, and I'm dreading it as they will be ganging up on me, she's just As bad if not worst than my ex. As it stands I am sucking up all the verbal, physical abuse that my ex is laying on me because I don't want to leave the house without sorting out the children and financial arrangements first (following advise from here, not to leave) the moneyntheyre offering me is in my opinion is very low according to my calculations. How do I protect myself from my impending doom. SOS
You keep your head that's what you do...and record/document any abuse coming your way.

Oh and spit in the MIL tea.
shes only here for xmas and will be gone again. be polite as can be to grandma of children and if she amicable apologise that u dont get on with daughter and u will do your best to make her welcome. also have a pair of headphones to hand or plenty of plan /ps4 if it gets unbearable..books if get nasty and know she will be gone before 2019
I wish its only for Xmas, shes staying til April and shes as nasty as my ex. Spit in ML tea and something nasty with her toothbrush seems like a good idea

Shes actually coming to torment me.

Pull together a plan that you know will keep you preoccupied based on different components of your life.

Kids- Create a set of activities you do with kids daily, that can also support you in court if you are heading that way, and will also strengthen your relationship with them.

Health - join gym and spend an hour there. Get fit and healthy, and express frustration at punch bag.

Hobby - do stuff that interests you.

Divorce research - use this time when she's here, after kids are in bed to plan and manage the divorce to get you the best possible outcomes.

Keep coming back to the forum to vent.
Not sure if you can get away with this. But the best solution would be if u can legally is refuse to let her stay. how can u expect someone to stay for 4 months in a hostile situation with your children. All she is going to do is help your ex press your buttons and remove you from your home. would she let one of your family members stay for 4 months and attempt to force her out of the house on a daily basis

I just read you dont own the house so that might prevent you from stopping her from staying. It is very stupid on your ex partners part to do this and is clearly a ploy so you have enough and leave. Maybe now could be the time to get child arrangements agreed and sorted in family courts and just leave straight after you have a court order. i can see this been a very tough period

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