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final hearing advice

I attended directions hearing following section 7 report, that is now going to final contested hearing.

My son is now open to social services following a referrel from his school, following safeguarding concerns including non attendance at school(referred to EWO), mums historic heroin use, school say son has shut down in letter(since contact ceased following false NMO that was discharged after 6 months), son has now contracted TB..

I made a formal complaint to cafcass as they missed out all recent social services records, police diclsoures of DV,etc....

These are my questions..

I have until Jan 21st to file any evidence. Ex still has legal aid despite NMO being discharged so i presume they will deal with court bundle.
What do people advice on what to do next? I have details of a solicitor that i was going to ask to draft a statement (is this a skeleton statement or position statement) but am confused whichever one needs to be filed before this date? or do i need to draft both types of statements for  a final hearing?

Also the judge agreed to a 4 month hair strand test for heroin(opiates) and cocaine. This will be conducted in Feb 10/12th time, so in time for final hearing. Cafcass are not involved so i was informed that my sons mums solicitors will organise this and i will pay for it-does this sound correct? as i do not want any mistakes from me at this stage

Do i need to do anything else before final hearing, likely to be in march?

Thank you

I don’t know whether this will help, but Paragraph 19.3 (5) © of Practice Direction 12B says that a Witness template and/or skeleton arguments can be filed at a Final Hearing. I suppose it’ll depend on what the court has directed, but I’m sure someone with more experience will be along soon to give you more advice

Best wishes.

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