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Advice needed
It's is a summary but I came to 2pages long Smile need to revise it to keep only main points and make it sound it correctly ( English not mother tong )Shall I put what type of 50/50 childcare I want (5:5:2:2 or similar) or not yet?
Thank you
If it's the summary typed on a separate sheet then try and keep it to no more than one page - ideally about 3/4 page - or it won't get read. Maybe put it away for a day and come back to it - it's easier to edit and get things more to the point with fresh eyes. Look at it as an outsider when you look at it again. You can PM it to me if you want and I'll take a look. Yes at the end of the summary you are asking the court to make an order as follows: And you put what you want. I would still get a free half hour's legal advice to see if they have any tips on what to put in the application when you're not yet living in different houses. If it was me I would just say what I put in my earlier post - but a bit of legal knowledge helps get the wording right so it's clear you've thought it all through.
Charlie: have emailed you. Thank you for your time.
C100 handed to court office. What's shall expect now. Clerk took with today's post. He was not able to provide any information. Hope form won't get lost.
Will they contact me and let me know is it rejected or accepted? How long to wait?
They usually send court papers out within a week or two. The ex receives hers a day or so before you do. You could always give the court a ring and ask to speak to the families section and ask them if the application has been accepted. They are quite helpful.
Can someone put light what are next steps after submission of C100.
You get court papers a week or so after submitting. They will tell you if you need anything for the first hearing (sometimes a Parenting Plan) and it will have a date for the first hearing which usually after 4 to 6 weeks. Your ex can respond to the court papers on a form she is sent. If she does, they will send you a copy. If she does send the respond form, don't be surprised if she says nasty things.

You then get an email from Cafcass asking you to sign up to Egress (their communication/email thing) and confirm your details, followed by a further email and/or letter from Cafcass about an appointment for a telephone interview. Then a letter with a date for the telephone interview. The call with Cafcass is really importnat - main thing is be child focused and dont say anything negative about yourex. This stage is jumping through hoops. All they want to hear is that you are positive about your ex as a parent and you want the kids to enjoy happy loving relationships with both parents. They're not interested in who is saying what or who is doing what - the ex will probably say nasty stuff about you (they are used to this) and it will then be - ex is saying xyz but Dad is calm, stable and child focused. If you complain about her they will label you both as fighting parents who aren't child focused. So it's in your interests to grit your teeth, say she's agood Mum but you ca't agree on Child Arrangements.
Had a discussion about school holidays and her holidays.
I have agreed that I will look after kids ( mainly school run that I normally do anyway) while she will be away on her holidays.(she needs to pay after-school for that week). Also to minimise stress to the kids, we have agreed to take kids abroad during school summer holidays to visit both grandparents. Suggested that both of us contribute for return plane ticket. She has denied as she doesn't have money, but offered to return over some time.
How to put the above in email to her, so she won't deny that was agreed avoiding future allegations that kids are taken away without her knowing.
Also is it ok to take kids away from UK ( they will be coming just before school starts in September) if I have applied C100?
Shall I ask her to confirm dates when she will looking after them during school holidays? I will stay abroad for 1-2 week with a kids . For now both agreed on my dates, but she said she will arrange something during her turn. Possible she has used her holidays and don't have enough to cover.
Tricky - she might think it strange you confirming by email when you're in the same house and talking. I would suggest writing a diary note (email it to yourself), setting out what was agreed. So you have something in writing, dated.

What you could do is email your parents abroad saying - you and ex have agreed a holiday abroad each for the kids with both sets of grandparents. And the dates you will be staying with them with the kids will be x date to x date. And copy the email to the ex (write on the bottom - copy to ex name as well as cc ing her in the email).

That way - if she doesn't email back denying it then it counts as record of an agreement :-)

Also write another diary note - state that ex is away on holiday between x date and x date and it is agreed the children will remain in your care during that period.

Just keeps things documented. Shame she can't be reasonable and agree a consent order so you two can separate. Maybe that will happen once the court application is received.

I can't see any problem with either of you taking the kids abroad if you've both agreed it,as long as it's less than a month.
It's is really shame she won't agree on 50/50 childcare, she is money focused and I want to secure my access to see kids. Few reasons below received via email:
* There are too many date and time restrictions on what you have proposed that I find it to complicated . That involves summer holidays in blocks.
* Also your resistance to sell the house over the last year. You arranged for someone to value the house, only for you then, not to take it any further.
I’ve been wanting to sell this house, split the profits and then move on with our life’s.

You come to me with a custody agreement, however we still live under the same roof and what I can see, no movement on selling the house.

When you agree with me to put the house up for sale, I will agree to us sitting down to discuss custody with our son.'
Don't think this email would look nice Infront of judge,if he would interested. It's sound she is using our son as a tool to reach financial agreement. It's just wrong ...

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