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Advice needed
Charlie is right, it's in your best interest to chase this up and get it formalised. You need to get a formal order which your ex has to follow otherwise, it could cause endless issues.
Will chase a court for an update. Thanks
Charlie: solicitor done some tweaks with wording to make it more official.
Good it was tweaked. The courts can take ages sometimes, but are usually helpful if you call them.
I did manage to get through to court clerk, consent order was approved. It supposed to make me happier and at least feel less stressful, but it did not.. it just opened my eyes to reality, that I have not completely moved on.
Only finances left to deal with, not sure how it will work with buying her out as both received CCJ of her non-payment for a rent.
That is brilliant news. One step at a time. Take a day to full realise that you have just achieved an amazing thing. Legal 50/50 shared care with your kids. And that is all that matters moving on - imagine if you were going through all this and didn't have them. Take a day off, do something nice (Father's Day tomorrow). In a year's time you'll look back and see how you have moved on and what a great family life you have with your kids. There are many Dads on her spending thousands of pounds and going through the courts year after year (me included) just to try and get to see their kids.

It maybe hasn't sunk in yet but it is an absolute Godsend. Although totally get how it feels a bit final to you as well - like accepting the marriage is over. But - don't think about that yet.
Have received consent order sealed by court for 50/50 shared care. Only now i have realised how important it is for me and for my kids. Thank you everyone for your support...and special thank you goes to Charlie.
That is great news. Yes it is really important for the rest of your kids lives and your life. They legally live with you half the time and you are 100% equal with your ex. And that is something that all Dads should get automatically when they separate, by law - unless there is a very good genuine reason for them not to see their kids at all - and if there was, they'd probably be in prison anyway.

Onwards and upwards. Focus on your kids and your life. It is hard when it's the end of a marriage but you have a lot to look forward to, so keep focusing on that. And on the days you don't see them, you'll be busy organising things so you have plenty of time with them when you do see them.
It's been a while since I have posted. Still divorce not finalized, it's more than 2years now and living under the same roof. Housing situation just getting worse, with court date for repossessing.
Was going back to motherland to bring kids back from summer holidays. Had a great time, relaxing time with two boys. Done fishing, go-cart,camping in 5 days.
How do you split cost of holidays? I would never ask her for a money, but she has agreed to cover plane ticket cost for the boy of her past. Every time I remind her, she does not have money. But it's not true . Same situation if we need to book after-school classes or buying uniforms for our son and stepson. I do get we live under same roof, but she will need to arrange childcare during times our son will stay with her .How to go around this so the cost would be split half. I don't recover anything mentioned in consent order.
I may ask to include £200 to financial settlement if she wont agree on cost for tickets.
Advise needed. How to ask stbx for contribution towards after-school fees and school meals? We still live under the same roof and it doesn't help.
We have 50/50 child care consent order, but i end up paying for everything. It is sad what she doesn't bother much about childcare, but once the talks start about financial split she wants the biggest pot Smile
Hi all. Situation is that we still living under same roof. My ex is failing to prepay for after-school clubs, and it leaves me most of the time to arrange alternative. In this case I have pre-book after-school sessions for November and she meant to book remaining ones,but club doesnt not have places anymore.
Want to ask her to arrange collection for the days we dont have spaces in club. Have 50/50 consent order.

"As per our mutual agreement I would like to confirm that our son X will spent school holidays with me during below dates:

· Half Term (Autumn Term 2019) - Monday 21st – Sunday 27th October
· Half Term (Spring Term 2020) – Monday 17th – Sunday 23rd February (as per your request to change from Summer Term 2020)

As you are aware, I have pre-paid for X after-school club from 28/10/19 until 18/11/19 and have asked you to pre-book remaining weeks in a club or arrange alternative childcare until end of Autumn Term.

It is disappointing that you have not booked and now after-school club is fully booked for the remaining dates.

To minimise negative effect it will have on our son and us I can collect X on the days below:

· 26/11/19

· 17/11/19

· 03/12/19

· 10/12/19

Please arrange alternative childcare for the remaining days.

See attached one screenshot with dates that was pre-booked by me in September and second one as of 12/10/19.

Please let me know what arrangements you have made to collect our son X from school from 25th November until end of Autumn term 2019.

I hope this issue can be resolved mutually or we will need to follow terms agreed in consent order."

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