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Here we go :-(
I need advice pls? I just got back home today from 2 weeks being away with my daughter and I received a post from MASH Oxfordshire, Childrens Services. It is addressed to me and they wanted to talk to me about my 4 year old boy who is away with his Mother at the moment. Short history. Me and my STBX are going through a divorce but still live in the same house. It is a living hell and she had been physical with me and my 7year old girl, hence we split the kids up during the holiday as I am scared for my girl. Original plan was she was going to take both of them away for Xmas but something physical and verbal happened where my STBX attacked her and myself when I intervened. All on video and audio. STBX started getting violent with me right after i filed for the divorce and started leaving work really early and coming home late. So i had been looking after them from getting them ready for school to picking them up and giving them dinner. I had been documenting my interactions with my kids from beginning of December. I have lots of pictures and videos of fun stuff that we had been doing, like putting the Xmas tree up and a little Xmas party for the 3 of us. Etc etc. My STBX cant be bothered to give the kids a proper Xmas. Now I am so worried sick the something cynical is in the works. I will never and have never been physical with my kids, i dont spank them and to have this is pure mad. What can i do? Pls help
Ring them up monday morning as your ex has clearly been in touch with them making up false allegations. Perhaps they didnt have your mobile number to ring yourself so have written to you instead. Just be child focused and tell them mum is making up false allegations to disrupt your childrens relationship with father and is hostile
Warwickshire, i will do. It just makes for an anxious weekend. Should i show them my videos?
It should be just a few mins chat where your ex has made up a load of rubbish and them closing case after u calmly spoke to them and you stating she is being malicious
If there has been violence from her to you - I’d go hard and have her arrested.
Thanks Guys, ill post an update tomorrow when I find out what its all about.
(01-06-2019, 09:52 AM)Tamagoto Wrote: If there has been violence from her to you - I’d go hard and have her arrested.

^ Do this. The fact I'd complained to police twice about my ex, including one arrest was massively helpful for both my section 7 and when she inevitably started with false allegations (why are the so predictable?!)

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