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Harassment during contact time.
Her behaviour sounds terrifying! I really hope your daughter is ok and that you both receive support dealing with this. Glad that a sensible decision has been made at last, as reading the entire thread, you've had a horrific time of it.
Fingers crossed it all works out mate,mother sounds a nightmare.
She was standing outside on the road to my daughters school this morning in slippers filming me driving past...

She seriously needs sectioning..
Jesus, just make a note of it mate and let the relevant people know.
(05-22-2019, 12:10 PM)Astroman Wrote: Jesus, just make a note of it mate and let the relevant people know.

Police aware, yet another Non-Mol breach, at least my daughter didnt see it.

She also was seen doing a slow drive-by outside my partners home late last night 11pm
Unbelievable how some women behave. Thought my ex was bad but some of the things I read on here are another level. I can thankfully go about my business without her bothering me!
I think its only a matter of time before she is either arrested on the spot or sectioned TBH.
You'd think so seeing as she's essentially stalking/harassing you. What did the police say when you reported it?
If you was a bloke doing it, they would arrest you instantly
Ok todays update.

Ex is now in custody, arrested after being observed outside my home within the 100 meters exclusion monitoring the house.

She is being interviewed for:-

Doing slow drive by on Tuesday night at my partners house.
Filming me outside my daughters school Wednesday morning.
Sending her friends to my office to "serve me" court papers for her retaliatory non mol.
Her friends eventually accosted me in the school carpark when picking up my daughter end of day
Her friends filming me in school carpark, private land and need my permission.
Stalking outside my house yesterday night.

She ran back to her car and did a runner at high speed, police nicked her at home 5:30am this morning. With all the non mol breaches outstanding 4 plus the above, with a bit of luck she may get remanded in custody or my and Social Services choice, sectioned.

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