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Harassment during contact time.
Fingers crossed she gets all she deserves, she's got no excuses to be behaving in that manner. Hopefully they'll throw the book at her.
If his ex partner hasnt been causing further issues, nothing much will happen i am afraid. It does seem like she has calmed down as we not heard anything. Unfortunately if it was a bloke doing this it could be potentially different
She was arrested yet again on Sunday for confronting myself and my daughter when we came out of the changing rooms for a swimming pool on Sunday.

I custody to appear in court this morning yet again, simply never stops so i wonder when the CPS will say enough is enough.
Peace at last, remanded in custody for 6-weeks until trial.
Good news in the interim mate, she sounds like she thinks she can do what she likes.
Was she always like this?!! Frightening! Good she's remanded in custody though.
No she only turned really controlling and started the alienation full time after i found a new partner, 2 years after we split up.

She somehow has managed to be release on bail now after a week inside, my and CPS are shaking our heads in disbelief, local authority are applying for a c34.4 to suspend all contact between ex and my daughter.

While thats all good this will just fie her up to breach the non mol even more and hang around our house yet again i feel.
Fuck me.
Sorry I havent read all of the posts but isnt this a restraining order kind of thing rather than non-molestation?

Ive got a friend who has a restraining order against her ex, he left a note for her when the police accompanied him to the house to get his stuff. When she told the police he was re-arrested and Very nearly sent down for 3 months for it. I think his only saving grace was that it wasnt a nasty note.

Honestly, how many chances does a woman get?
So had psychological assessment meeting with the court appointed guy.

Just my luck, and his misfortune, he had already met with the ex yesterday and the eye opener of her and her actions he had already made up his mind as to where the problems lay.

No issues around me, my partner and my daughter but with the ex he has identified a persecution complex and delusional tendencies. Thinks this is long term for her, several years, even if she wants help. In her mind she is right and all her actions are justified and everybody else is wrong.

Unfortunately for us he thinks she will get worse and quite possibly come to a head, as she obviously has no fear of court orders, police, courts, etc, and the high possibility of being sent down for the previous stuff could make her 100 times worse.

Have been told to seriously consider upping sticks and moving full stop to cut the cycle.
Glad someone could see what's what. Out of interest, how did it happen you had pyschologists reports and did you have to pay? I would like to ask for them but thought it cost a lot of money even if court ordered.

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