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Harassment during contact time.
Has anybody experienced harassment during court awarded contact time and how did you deal with it.

I had contact Friday 3pm to Saturday 5pm overnight at my home with my daughter. We were having a nice evening watching movies and building her lego she got for Christmas when there was banging on the door at 10pm, soon as i hear it i knew exactly who it was, the police.

Ex had dialed 999 to report a child in danger, 4th time she has done this now. Soon as my daughter saw the police at my door she ran upstairs to her bedroom in fear. Police explained they needed to see and speak to my 6 year old to check she was ok to which they did and she stated she was ok an happy.

Now i have a non-molestation order against my ex which part of it states she is not to encourage or send anybody to harass me. 

I have since made a complaint to the police that this continual 999 calling is using the late night police visits as harassment by proxy, i explained to the police i have absolutely no complaints as to the way their colleagues handled the incident but they here acting on a malicious call designed to cause maximum impact at the time of night it happened. Took me hours to calm my daughter down and i hardy slept that night as i was fuming, i honestly could have happily killed the bitch that night.

Has anybody had this issue and how did you handle this?
Only thing you can do is call the police and complain in a civil way that they have visited your house 4 times now for no reason whatsoever. Your ex has a non molestation order against her. You appreciate they are doing their job , but this has happened 4 times now and if it was to happen again you will have to speak to someone higher up to put a stop to what u feel now is harrasement and upsetting your daughter
What Warwickshire said. Also, the police will realise now that your ex is just wasting their time. Raise a complaint in a polite way from the point of view that 1) it's upsetting for your young daughter and 2) they've visited your home on 4 occasions now and nothing has come out of this.
I have raised it as a breach of the non-mol yesterday, politely stated the police although only doing their job were being used to harass me.

Also today raising an official complaint with Staffs Police regarding the now 4 false 999 calls stating the same complaint. Am asking how many times my ex can raise the same complaint with no evidence being found before they will act on it.
She should also be charged with wasting police time. Has she even been warned?
Rather than a complaint to the Police, ask them to warn her about harrassment. If she ignores the warning they can prosecute her for harrassment. Have you shown the police the non mol order? You want them onside. ie don't shoot the messenger :-)
STOP!!!! You need to have limited contact with the police. They're your friends.

Your next course of action is with the court and with social services. You need to get in touch with social services and tell them what is happening. Its not really the case that you need an outcome, you just need to put it on the record and to send them a copy of the non molestation order.

You need too to bring this to the attention of the court. I'm sure legally you are entitled to have a pleasant time without interference from your ex. If you think about it, if you rent a house there is always a clause about the 'quiet enjoyment' of the property, ie the landlord should leave you the f**k alone - pardon my French. And here you are with parental responsibility in your own home and with a full understanding that there are no welfare issues and yet you now have a Non-molestation order. If you don't have a court date coming up, you need to think about enforcement for breach of the order. Whilst it might not explicitly state that you must not be constantly interrupted by thr police late into the nght - I doubt you'd have any difficulty at all arguing it is implied in the very act of contact.
And get copies of the police reports! Evidence.
Ex-f**king-actly Charlie7000!

Scotay, pain though this is, your ex has given you a gift. It's not he said,. she said, she has forced the police to respond 4 times to false reports of a child in danger/at risk. AND she has successfully had a non-molestation order made out against her. What possible better evidence in court could there be of parental hostility than that?
So had a chat with the police regarding this.

Its not a breach of the Non-Mol they say but they are on my side. Police officer i have been seeing a few times now asked "just what is her problem"? He raised the suspicion of possible substance abuse, i had my opinions on this due the erratic behavior over the last few months.

He agrees this has to stop but says for the police to act on false 999 calls usually means many many calls before they act. Explained to me the process if somebody reporting a child in danger, they are duty bound to come out and do a welfare check. Told him i have absolutely no issues with the police or the way they conduct themselves on these visits but the late night ones need to stop as they scare my daughter.

He is going to visit her at home to scope out the substance abuse line and spell it out to her there is no child in danger when my daughter is with me, it is her sending the police that is causing the harm to her.

I did explain to him i also raised it as an official police complaint, again stating i wrote i had no issue with the police themselves by the system that allows this proxy abuse and seeking a solution to this.

On another note, the previous Non Mol breach where my ex was following my current partner filming her has been passed to the CPS.

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