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im having this to deal with now any body else?
(01-08-2019, 10:36 PM)warwickshire1 Wrote: If its any help to you guys on forum. my 5 year old son doesnt know much , but my 7 year old in last few months understands i am his dad and his mum is being mean and he knows i have battled to see him. Bless him hes very observant so lucky i always told him things that are morally correct. He even uses big words in his sentences and i noticed when hes away from me for a week it just makes him miss me more. He knows what his mum is doing and other things she is doing is wrong. Hes young though and says he does as hes told as he doesnt want to upset her. He also told me hes been told to say things by his mum which i think now as he has got older is refusing to do as he knows it is wrong.
Hes got a very good memory as well  remembers things from a few years ago including his mum stopping contact maliciously.

Keep fighting through the courts and build the bond with your child/children over a period of time. Never walk away

This gives me hope - as my 8 year old has witnessed my STBX going into psycho mode many times last year, so much so that he will say and do anything to please her out of fear of her losing it with him. I think the user Charlie on this board pointed out that it is a survival mechanism in children - please the parent they are most scared of to keep that parent from turning against them. So he has picked up on the things that the STBX uses against me, and will try and repeat these things in front of her to please her. I don't ever get cross with my kid for doing this, as I know it is his survival instinct. I just feel really sad that my STBX is psychologically messing with my kid.

I can't wait to move out and give my kids the freedom to be themselves without any pressure to be something that they are not.
thanks guys im really greatfull for your advice

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