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advice needed please
I need some advice the ex is now refusing me to have access to my children, they is a court order in place from 2106 saying that i have the children every other weekend from friday 6pm to sunday 6pm.. which she has always broke in 2017 i had my boy from april till sept 6 days a week as she didnt want him, then had to pick my daughter up some weeks from wednesday night the next thursday night, take them both to school etc then return sunday only to have her call again from 12pm on monday to say come get your son, all last year same thing i have the kids from one weekend to 3 weeks or more at a time, when i questioned her and i said it about time you had the children this coming weekend as i had them every weekend for last 2 months and i have to work she would kick up fuss and say you never want your kids always putting work first, so i would cancel jobs so i could still have my kids which i didn't mind.. But now she got yet another new boyfriend 6th this year, started off that i had to have the kids every weekend as new bf dont like my son as he looks like me, and he i wants her not the kids as they in his way, just before xmas she started getting to be an asre and blocked me form whats app and stoppped me from talking to my kids which i done daily, i was allowed to see them for 2hrs xmas eve and since then i now not allowed to see them or contact them, then find out today she getting an anti molestation order placed on me for no reason,all cos i spoke to her regarding concerns i had over her new bf as the kids said he hit mummy and them, and that other people who know him have told me he a woman beater and his last partner run to scotland for her own saftey, after i said to her be careful for both herself and the kids, i now been blocked on everything and not allowed to see my kids 
so where do i go from here ?
I think as a starting point you’ll need to apply to the Court for enforcement action of the original order (on form C79). Most orders have a phrase something like “and at any other times as agreed between the parties”, so that would cover all the additional time you’ve had your children, so you’ve varied the order by consent, but now you need to at least get back the times as stated on the CAO. This link seems to explain it quite well:

It does say that the Court will consider the reasons for the enforcement application, so this would bring your concerns to the attention of the Court. Maybe you could also contact Social Services by email (as you then have a written record) to let them know of the situation.

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