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Pls I need advise :-(
Pls advise?

Hello all, I am going through a divorce at the moment and we have 2 kids, my boy is 4 and my daughter is 7. I filed the divorce papers last November and my STBX is filing for a seperation agreement to finalise financial settlements between us and I can move out of the house for good ( i cant wait, she had been very abusive towards me both verbally and physically ) we also agreed on 50-50 child arrangement and it will be on the seperation agreement. Now my concern is my daughter, her and my ex “doesnt really get on very well”and I have concerns when i leave the house for good that her attitude towards my lil girl will continue on and possibly get worst. I have no concerns in regards to my lil boy as she favors him over my daughter (bless him). Her reason was as she put it, me and my daughter are alike. There are no order in place but Im thinking of an arrangement where I get to keep my daughter and she gets to keep my boy and on weekends we alternate them where my daughter stays with her with my boy and the following weekend will be my turn with both of my lovely children. (And even the thought of having my daughter alone with her for the weekend, scares me) I know its not ideal situation to seperate the kids, and it will be near impossible for the courts to agree to it (but maybe an arrangement between me and the ex can work that out) i dont want to and I am torn but its the only solution I can think of at the moment to look after my daughter. My EX started getting really agressive towards me and my little girl since I filed for the divorce and desperately trying to kick me out of the house (which she owns) I have video and audio evidence of how abusive she is towards me. Another option is Ill stick to the original plan only if she agrees to get her anger issue sorted out. I dont know what to do, please advise. My head feels like its going to explode any minute now. Thank you kindly!

Ps, im not doing this out of spite and before the marriage broke down, she was a wonderful mother to both of them but something snap and the 180 turn started. Shes 38 and her transformation is unreal, not the same person I knew 7mos ago.
The arrangements you would like above, your ex is only person you can speak to in order to get an arrangement like that.
Family courts wouldnt issue and order like that unless you both agreed.

If your ex is agreeing to 50/50 you should apply to court to have a child arrangements order drawn up as its easy to agree in a separation agreement and as soon as you left house to stop /prevent contact at a later date
Thanks again Warwickshire

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