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contact issues /gbh accusations
Hi, wonder if anyone could give me some advise. My ex has told my oldest son to tell police i have assaulted him 2 days after she was back in her care. this follows an argument the night before when her partner swore at me and called me a "ff incapable parent". Our son broke his collar bone when he kicked me and landed on his shoulder. he was in my care he was taken to hospital..fracture clinic and school and social services even phoned me day after and closed case.

It was then that ex decided to tell our son to tell police i dropped him on his head and it was deliberate.
Social services are coming out to see me to do an assesment next week. i been interviewed but not charged and there is no bail, however " i remain under investigation which could be any length of time and this all done out of malice so i dont get to see children.

Police said they doubt social services will let me see children, they say they cant stop it and to ask police. i have a court order but next contact would be to go to school and then they return to mums. i can see mum going to school and by going there whilst they have not totally concluded investigation there will be huge hostility and more accusations .

When i explained at time about sons collarbone everyone was fine about it and son was happy whole time with me.
Youngest one did however prewarn me day before she actually phoned police and said mummy has told me to say you hurt my brother.

I dont think i can do an emergency application as it would be pending on ongoing investigation. so left in limbo not knowing how long i need to wait unless when i do assesment they will help.
Hang in there. As soon as social services have been to see you they are almost certain to close the case, inform the Police and then you can see the kids and apply to court. You have had too much harrassment etc. She and the boyfriend just want rid of you. And of course if you had no contact the child support would go up too! They sound like xxxxholes. Social services and the Police are used to parents accusing each other of things - and they don't know the history of court proceedings - you have had allegations cleared at court previously. I think when this is sorted you should apply for residency. And however shit you are feeling right now, remember to keep everything documented in detail - in a diary and get copies of everything from Police and social services.

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