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Don’t give up.
Excellent news and I agree with you. I hoped like crazy that when the Family Justice Review was going on before 2014 - that the result would be automatic shared care. It wasn't. They did amend the childrens act and I think it has helped with better orders - but there is still a terrible bias. Apparently a load of women argued that it could force children to have to stay with abusive men. And there are some who think 50/50 is really bad for children. I actually filled in the consultation at the time when they were asking people for opinions - but somebody else made the decisions. I put on mine that of course children shouldn't be allowed to live 50% of the time with dangerous criminals but why assume that someone has a criminal record. It should be innocent until proven guilty. And both parties should be checked for criminal records at the time of divorce and if there are none then it is automatic shared care legally.

No - it is still guilty until proven innocent and all one way.

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