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Financial Order Help
OK, I Summaries My Issues, I need direction 

My Ex Sold My Holiday Car, Emptied the house when i went to work on night, emptied the overdraft, Left me to pay the lease car £466, bank loans and i applied for an financial order and been told by the judge, its part of the divorce and i am not owed a anything due to the money is gone now and she has the kids, is this right?
problem is when married everything is 50/50 until divorce. Was the car in your name? bank loans were they in your name? is there equity in the house, as legally she has to look at options of either buying you out or agreeing to pay a lump sum when kids(dependent on age they are now) are adults(18). Financial order will set out what and how all is to be split fairly this includes all debts, no matter how accumulated unless you can prove that she unreasonably built up a huge debt. Have you considered the mediation route before court?

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