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BBC, Behind closed doors
Im unsure why yet again these documentaries highlight that its only Female victims that exist.
It really portrays fathers/males as perpetrators.
And wow, local authorities showing to be doing protecting the children.

It makes my blood boil as its all full of rubbish. I can pull out 6 adults that I support,males adults who have suffered Domestic abuse and not one local authority has intervened. Do they only act when a mother reports such incidents to safeguard children.

If it is BBC, I can't say I am surprised. I shouldn't watch it as I no longer have a TV license, but it sounds like I am not missing much.
Its interesting - we know that bad things happen to women, but 40% of domestic violence is against men, the system is geared to protecting women victims, not all victims. Reading Sector's story on another thread is the most visceral reminder of how a normal life can reduce to homelessness, and all the risks associated with it in no time at all, and its an invisible story, and not in itself unique, but I'd suspect almost unique to men...
asd1270It's not the BBC, it's culture in general. Things are changing but it's a very slow process. Best thing to do is to accelerate that change by speaking out and asking those in charge of the media, to follow up on things.

1) you can watch the show here:

2) You can email or call the BBC for free here: - I strongly suggest that you quote the split of domestic violence and manipulative behaviour and ask them to redress the balance. As, unlike every other news organisation, they have a legal obligation to do so, we should see some actual movement on that.

If enough people say something, it will happen. @asd1270 - why don't you and the 6 people you mention all write to them?
I have no issue with the bbc. I was bringing to attention how DV and DA is seen in the public eye.
Having working with such victims I am not in a position to make such contacts with external agencies. I do not feel that it is necessary in my cases or helpful to the individual victims I support whom have suffered Domestic Abuse.

Its always good to have such programmes to raise awareness but it clearly needs to be balanced. The aired programmes only added more uncertainty to male victims. The system, such as family courts , cafcass and local authority Ss are far from being competent in this area. I left this area of work a few years ago and work independently only for that reason of seeing unfairness, professionals , judges manipulating the system where a decisions are made even before the case has been heard. Does it happen YES. The problem is we are led to believe that this behaviour does not exist. I'm sorry to say it does. Unfortunately those on the outside don't see what goes on behind closed doors.

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