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To make it short:
Came back home from work, and noticed that furniture (sofa, armchair) missing from living room Smile wtf

Stbx has mentioned a day before that she will be giving away furnitureto charity, but I thought she is joking as we still going to live together until May or Jun definitely.

I am just worried about children, where they will sit and watch TV or do homeworks.she is insane..

Don't want to make things complicated,but I don't think she is allowed to do so. Set of sofas were bought on finance under her name 5years ago but she can't just take them from property. Can she?

Yesterday I have a photo of my son sitting on sofa and reading school book, today I have made one without furniture.

I have txted her: that missing furniture is not acceptable, and going beyond commonsense..she needs to calm until divorce is finalized.

Any ideas how shall I act?

I would like to email her asking not to take any furniture or items like TV, etc until divorce and finances are finalized. Can I do this and does it worth it? If so how to put it nicely?

Thank you
Hi all. So I am drafting an email to stbx asking not to remove any possession (furniture,TV) from family home what were bought before the separation until divorce is finalized and finances are agreed in court without written agreement from me.
I will attach a photos of each room with furnitures for future reference if needed.

Is it ok to do it or its just waist of time and energy?

I guess the lesson for us all is that as part of the written separation arrangement you should include furniture, interesting to think where the money is going though, did your STBXW have a drink problem...?
#4, but she has issues with cash I guess.. I don't mind for furniture to be sold or given away...but only after divorce proceedings
Are you sure she hasn't "taken" it and setting up home somewhere else? if it's not that then yes it sounds like she is ridding herself of the past and making some cash. I think you need to get your C100 in asap.

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