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Seeing MP
Hi All,

Amongst a plethora of other issues…

I had a hearing cancelled last July at less than 24 hours notice. I had only paid a barrister the evening before to avoid such issues, but as the cancellation was at extremely short notice I was not eligible for a refund. I tried to contact the court (Swindon) on a number of occasions but they refused to return my calls and emails until November, 3 days before a final hearing. They refused to compensate the barrister fees and offered £50. NoW!!! I lost £1200, paid an additional £1200 for a rescheduled hearing in September AND around £1500 on supervised access as this was the only way I could see my son.

The courts have refused to take a complaint without seeing my MP.

Has anyone ever endured this and have any advice?

I haven’t even started on CAFCAS and the family court system complaint yet. I’m just looking at the info on Jenny’s law and the children’s act before I start that one!!

Any advice welcome!!

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