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Full Custody
Good Evening All, 

Hoping someone out there has had some experience similar to what I am going through or simply guide me in the right direction. 

I have not long finished court proceedings, Scottish case, I was granted 2 nights per week over night stay. Week 1 Sat morning 10am until Monday morning 10.30am and week 2 is Wednesday evening 6pm until Friday morning 9am.

However as recent as Saturday night this was my ex partners weekend with my son. I was out with some friends that night and a friend of hers, unknown to me messaged me on facebook asking could I come and collect my son due to my ex partner being under the influence and she did not think it was right, her friend is a social worker by profession so did not want to jeopardise her career of course. she informed me that she could not gain access back into the home and the police had been called. When I arrived at the premises paramedics were going into the house so I was worried sick. Luckily when I entered my son was sleeping safe and sound but the paramedics were in with my ex partner, They said they thought she might be on something more than just alcohol. She was taken to hospital for blood tests etc. Without going into more detail she is going to be charged under section 12, child neglect. My son was brought into my care that night under instruction from out of hours social work. The next day ( Sunday\) social work went out to see her at her home and said right then there was no risk for my son to go back to mum as she was fine, although this was being passed to social services on the monday. 

I have this morning been to see my solicitor again and we have decided to reopen the cysted court case and proceed for full custody, if that is not granted then every weekend for the full weekend. This is the 3rd time that social services have been involved against my ex in the last 18 months and both times been drunk when in care of my son when I was not there and police have taken my son back to me. So its a serious situation as far as I'm concerned. I have an appointment with social work this coming friday to give my views on everything as I believe my ex suffers from anxiety depression etc and has a drinking problem. she works full time lives in an ok area etc but again she has always had a problem with drink and is a bit of a party girl. 

So given the fact that this is the 3rd time this has happened is There a chance of me getting my son full time or do I have no chance of it ? 

I don't know the answer but I think you go with your gut and go for it. You have plenty of evidence and it is a child focused application. The difficulty is - even if you had residency - how would contact with her work? Because she could still get drunk at any time.

I think you would need to go for - child to live with you, supervised contact with Mother until she is certified free of alcohol for x months by a professional. Trouble with social services is - they "support" the Mother and that can lead to endangering the child. Your argument should be your extreme concern for your child's welfare - you have social services reports, police records and a copy of the Facebook message you were sent. You would need to be clear that you think it is important child has contact with both parents but only if it is safe. And ask that she be assessed re alcoholism.

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