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Welfare check list
I have a question that you may be able to help.
Is it CAFCASS role to go through welfare check list when producing section 7 report? I.e parent capability of looking after the children. Or this is something which needs to be raised at court at final hearing?
The reason I am skint this you may know from previous post my ex got cancer and I am looking for an order that children to live with me and spend time with their mother. I am not sure if I have to raise this with CAFCASS officer compiling the report.
Cafcass and the courts will consider the kids welfare as being of paramount importance and so, they will have to show that they have seriously considered the welfare checklist in any decisions that they make.

I would suggest familiarising yourself with the welfare checklist and ensuring your discussions with Cafcass during your S7 meeting are aligned to the different factors in the checklist. You would have to show Cafcass why it would be in your kids best interests for them to live with you but these reasons need to be purely from the childrens best interests point of view rather than any criticism of the ex.

If it gets to a final hearing then your statement would also need to be aligned to the welfare checklist.

The link below will give you an initial steer
Thanks Leader1978. I have already had my interview with CAFCASS and this illness came after that. I am not sure if I need to contact CAFCASS and raise this or not.
Cafcass should be notified otherwise, the recommendations that they make will not be based on the latest factual information. This is a serious matter which would need to be considered as part of their report. I would send an email attaching any support that you have explaining the latest situation to the Cafcass officer.

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