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Advice on what and what not to say during telephone interview?
Hi, can anyone advise me on what to say to CAFCASS on my up coming interview.

A brief summary of my situation is that me and ex split September 2016, not married, 1 x 4 yo child together, 1 x 11 yo child hers.
We still live in the same house, yes I know its crazy but she won't agree to move, sell, buy me out, me buy her out etc.
I had to get an CAO as ex refusing me quality time with my boy, even though in the same house. I got this October 2017 after ex tried the usual lies of DV and harassment, court/CAFCASS made no mention of it or investigation.
I had to take ex back to court in March 2108 as she was refusing my school holiday entitlement, no allegations of DV this time.
I'm taking her back to court next month, self rep, to vary the order to get everything detailed and defined as its causes arguments because its vague on many things.
The false DV has appeared again from a solicitors letter mentioning a non-molestation and occupation order if I don't leave my house.
In reply to that I obviously denied the false allegations but mentioned being a victim of financial abuse from ex as she has refused to pay anything towards the bills for nearly 2 years 3 months. Low and behold a couple of weeks after that she has attempted to pay some money off the bills.
So, sorry for the long storey, what should I tell CAFCASS over the phone. Should I mention the financial abuse, ex withholding childs school photos, school club being cancelled by her on my allocated day and not being informed by her which I have in writing from the school, and other things she does just to try and get a reaction from me, which she never gets?
Or should I not go down that route but just keep focused on the reasons why I want to vary the existing order?

Thanks in advance,
My experience is -

Be brief about why the relationship broke down. It's old news and life goes on.
No point raising any issues with your relationship as the important thing is formalising access to your child.
Raising allegations is pointless, it will only delay matters.
Don't talk about the ex!!!
Refute any concerns the ex has raised. The burden of proof is on her.
Talk about your role as a dad, talk about everything you did with your child right down to the last detail.
Talk a lot about your child - what they like, etc etc
Reiterate your plans for contact
Totally depends on the person you get. For example mine asked me do you think she is controlling, I responded yes but felt it was best to be honest, but they word it like you’ve just come out with it, I answered a question she asked me. She asked me if I had any concerns about her mental health and I said “she’s unpredictable” so the report says father says he believes mother has mental health issues. Some of my report is shocking and spelling mistakes to boot. Worries me these people are supposed to be impartial but I always get the impression they favour the mother. She got my job title wrong as well.

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