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School Change By Mother
Good Morning

My ex change my boys school without informing me, he used to get the bus to my house, now it’s not possible after the school change. She done this on purpose, but that’s another argument for another day. I ask the school for a copy of the school application, but was informed I am not allowed to see it, apparently they need to get her approval. Is this correct? The school is a catholic school, the confusing thing is that my boy is not religious nor been inside a church or even babtised, nor does he fall in the catchment area. I looked at the school ADMISSION POLICY and PROCEDURE and not one of them apply to my boy hench me want to look at the application. How do I get a copy or is this an impossibility request?
How far away is the new school? Is it still possible to do collections or drop offs or him get a bus? Surprisingly Catholic schools and other Church schools are very open on admittissions. Parents usually just have to say they are churchgoers or something even if not Catholic and some tell porkies. They are known to be the best primary education - with good teaching and good behaviour - along with C of E schools. They aren't state run they are classed as Maintained schools so they're part state and part private. It's probably a very good school. But not nice that she did it without consulting you. Ex's do that a lot
Schools are legally obliged to treat all parents equally, so they shouldn’t deny you on the grounds that they need to get your ex’s approval. Write to the school and explain clearly what you want - there is a template letter you can use at Have a read as well of the government guidance for schools on parental responsibility so you know what the school is legally required to do:

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