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Help please
She does not have a good side, I am going in completely child focused and not playing tit for tat. I just want to see my child who had been pushed out of my life from day one
Really appreciate the advice but I don’t think I have stressed enough or touched on how controlling she really is. All the things already mentioned to try make things better I have tried. I have been the nicest I can possibly be and I get shot down at every opportunity. If I suggest taking our child to the park I get messages asking not to mention things like that to her! I was told I could not push the pram when she was2 months old as ex said the baby knew who was pushing it and she needed her mum! I haven’t even touched on how off the chain she is I have a long list but I’m trying to stay child focused, in my opinion she just isn’t
Ok so she just wants to be a single parent and you out of the picture. If you have your MIAM you have fulfilled the legal requirement to apply to court (the MIAM is the first mediation appointment you attend on your own) but the courts expect you to have tried mediation. After the MIAM the mediator will invite your ex to the next appointment and will try and help you both reach agreements. If she refuses to go or doesn't turn up you get signed off from mediation and apply to court. You never know, a good mediator might be able to talk her into agreeing something reasonable.
with your cannabis, maybe look at the cbd oils as a replacement.
If you do apply to court you will need a hair strand test ready to deny allegations of drug useage (whcih she will exaggerate and make you sound like a complete junky). So best thing is stop now, wait till it's out of your system, get a hair strand test done and you've got it ready for the first hearing :-)Then deny you use drugs but say you had been a casual user in the past but take parenting seriously and no longer do such things. And don't - it is bad for kids to be around and could affect your behaviour.
Apprecaite all your advice, I am not really big smoker at all so stopping not issue, it's just something she will use for sure so will get that sorted. My mum is absolutlet devestated as she sees her every week and sometimes extra days but is not allowed because she did not agree to me not seeing my daughter, my biggest worry is the time that is going by already, I do not want to miss time with her at all.
Main thing now is avoid anything that she could accuse you of, as they often do when you apply to court. She may say you are pestering and harrassing her, so keep contact to a minimum. Do you have any texts that refuse your requests to see your child? Does your ex get on ok with your Mother? If so maybe your Mother could text her.
Yes lots and lots of messages refusing contact, mother tried to contact but was refused point blank
Just get an application in then - after the MIAM and her invited to mediation. Meanwhile I'd keep any contact to a minimum and be careful what you put in writing.
Afternoon, so ex got letter today about mediation. She has now texted my mother to say she will do mediation on her own, but am i paying for hers she cannot afford it? She also texted hour later from her mother phone saying same thing, any advice please?

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