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Help please
Ok. I think you’re in NI aren’t you? Not sure if it’s the same but she should be able to claim the nursery fees from the government if she’s getting child benefits - look into it.

It sounds to me like she has genned up and knows you will get time ordered once child is two.

For now would suggest documenting this by way of a text or email.

Eg Dear Ex name. Re daughter starting nursery, I am sure that will be really good for her. As I will no longer be able to spend 11 till x time with her on tues and fri, I’d like to suggest collecting her from nursery with my Father and having tea at my home with my parents twice a week, then returning her to you by 5pm/6pm. This will also help you with transport from nursery at the end of the day. I am also happy to help during the week or babysit in the evening if you wish”

Now she may just say no xyz but you have it documented that you were seeing daughter 11 till 4 or whatever twice a week and this has now been stopped.

Is your ex working at all? It might be an idea to get a free half hour’s legal advice. Your ex is basically holding you to ransom. Mine did this when son started nursery. The fees were over £700 a month. She got most of it from the government but wanted me to pay the rest and stopped contact until I agreed to pay them. If daughter is 2 next month you should be able to apply for a court order if you can’t get things sorted with her. Have you quit the cannabis smoking?

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