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S7 report received - good news
Dear all

I've posted very little since the FDHRA in September, which put my contact with my child in a grubby contact centre every Saturday on the basis of DV/DA allegations.

My ex made up a load of false accusations in a position statement that read like they'd just let her loose with a dictaphone - which were dropped at the following hearing - which meant nothing went to Fact Finding - however I did need to fork out considerable expense for a barrister to help "play the game" in court. Prior to that they were pretty dark days.

Following her house of cards collapsing, we agreed to move contact out of the centre for 6 hours every Saturday, whilst Cafcass did their report.

I got a very amiable chap as a Cafcass court adviser who interviewed me, watched me play with my child in the centre, and then visited my house. He was a massive improvement over the incompetent they had to do the initial telephone interview, a woman who sounded drunk on the phone and couldn't even get my child's name right.

Basically Cafcass have agreed to exactly the arrangement I was asking for in the first place (every other weekend at my house) and will recommend this to the court. Seems like the end is in site and the final hearing will be a formality.

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who provided advise and support and to ensure everyone that regardless of how dark it may seem, things work out in the end if you jump through the hoops and play the game. If you can't handle it on your own, get a barrister for the hearing where they decide whether a Fact Finding is needed - this may save you a lot of time and money and it will show the other side that they can't control proceedings. And whatever you believe a jilted ex may think she can do, and the depths she will go to do it, the worst she can actually do is delay the inevitable, and she'll reveal her true colours and make herself look stupid in the process.

Good luck and all the best.
that is very encouraging, thanks for sharing. I'm hoping for similar outcome in March so I will take all the positives from your post Smile

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