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CAFCASS officer tried to throw me under the bus
First experience of them at court and the arrogant streak that flowed through her was present from the get go. I haven’t quite jumped through the hoops of the interim order on the contact centre front yet in fairness but I brassed it out today and the final hearing has been rescheduled. Not bad considering the exs solicitor wanted the application rejected and the cafcass officer blatantly lied about me breaching non existent orders. There’s things I could have done better but there’s no winning in that vipers nest.

Anyway I had the audacity to disagree with the cafcass officer about me failing to meet her other ‘recommendations’ about parental courses and anger management courses. Only recommendations she made you’ll note as they were never actually ordered as mandatory. At that point she became condescending and got it back in equal measure, mistake I know but I couldn’t help it. Hey ho.

That’s twice now she has pushed to get me on a anger management course and twice she’s failed. She’s on a crusade to get me on one as she interpreted me tapping my pen and our lack of agreement today as an anger issue. The only matter I disagreed on was the anger management course but she created a mountain out of a molehill.

Im assuming As there’s zero tangible evidence at all against me of anything (past record, violence, abuse, non molestation order) and that I’ve met the other recommendations the magistrates did not see the need when I raised this in court.

Where my issue comes is after our disagreement she ran off to the legal advisor in the court room to conjure up made up breaches in the draft order to paint me in a worse light. She’s made out I’ve breached the interim order by pushing that I breached her past recommendations and lied about me not attending the SPIP course.

I pointed this out to the magistrates in the way the draft order had been written up that they were not breaches. I’ve now lodged a complaint against her to CAFCASS because after todays performance she’s clearly out for my blood. I’ve requested a new officer as she will be doing a new report based off my contact centre notes
I’m happy for her to take issue on my lack of contact centre but not on fabricating non existent breaches.
You need to get cafcass officer on your side if u can really. If they dont change your cafcass officer you are relying on her recommendations for final hearing.

Its up to you of course but if i had an awkward cafcass officer and i was in your shoes. I would be saying i dont feel i need a anger management course in my opinion and i am sorry we dont agree , but perhaps to get her on side you could agree to a parenting course she has recommended and a parenting plan stating theres always improvements to be made for any parent and you would be looking forward to this as be good for children etc. You can apologise about whatever happened with the supervised and just say that court is stressful . just maybe it will make her focus on this also and she may put this anger management course issue with you to rest.

And dont tap your pen lol again in front of her. final hearing calm and child focused and you will get the end results
You need to work with the Cafcass officer rather than against them. They are very powerful in the court arena whereby, the courts would go with what they recommend 9/10.

I would avoid the anger management course as by agreeing to this you are admitting their is an issue which needs to be addressed. However, a parenting course will work in your favour as courts love to see this kind of thing.

I can't stress how important it is to keep your cool at this stage of proceedings, I know it's a highly pressurised situation but do it for your kids.

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