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Is it already happening?
Today was accused of taking engagement ring. Did not bother to argue, left to get a fresh air. Threating with police. Any advice ?
Make notes. Lots of notes, of anything she accuses you of and any abuse she aims towards you. She's likely building a similar list of notes against you to use at a future date. Don't rise to it, don't react. That's likely to be what she's aiming for.
Yes make a diary entry (email it to yourself)

"Ex name claiming I have stolen her engagement ring, which is not true. I assume she has either mislaid it or it is a deliberate attempt to accuse me of something as she also threatened to involve the Police. Submitted my court application for a Child Arrangements order yesterday".

Then if you ever need to cover yourself you can produce that email - which is dated - and they can also see "Custody" issues are involved.
It just happened. Trying to be calm ,while waiting for a visitors now. She is insane
Won't be surprised if she will get legal aid. How does it work? No charges made. I don't know how shall I keep contact in the future with her not to get in a trouble?
How to communicate about school runs or anything relating to the child( not allowed to take stepson anymore).
Was advised to record everything while we both (with stbx) are in same room. Never thought it will ever happen
I guess try not to communicate with her and avoid her. She is making life very difficult. Type out a schedule of school runs and leave it out somewhere?
I would never imagine that it may go so far..
Son started to cry during the night in his room, I went to his room to stay with him. I had to pass my stbx room, and she screamed that it's my fault because he sleeps with me over the weekend in my room, and she does not allow anymore. (same bad, as I don't have space for second bed, he sleeps every other weekend with me).He had a nightmare. I have asked her politely not to scare him even more and ignored her. Sat by his bed until he fell asleep again, it was 1am.
Later in the morning have received a txt from stbx stating that our son have started behave strangely since he sleeps with me, informally calling all the names. ... And she will take him to GP. I can't believe myself that kind of things she may be preparing.. it's just insane and makes me feel sick.
Always trying to avoid any arguments, but it looks like she can't sit in one place... Our Cafcass phone interview is scheduled for this month, I am afraid to think that she may tell them

Not sure how far it can go, but can these allegations be stopped?
Crucially, can these allegations be proven to be false? Because if they can, you need to be recording each and every one for the courts. Each act of abuse towards you is ammunition you can use to hurt her where and when it counts. Stay strong, stay calm and remember that she's actually helping your position....
Have your phone with you at all times when ex is in the house, recording a selfie video. Just in case you need to rely on it for the future.
I am making a note of every allegation. It just going out of the control, and day we agree on 50/50 child care next day everything is ripped in the parts. At least for a week I will be able to enjoy time with kids while stbx is away on holidays...can't wait Smile

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