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Final court hearing after completing supervised contact. What do I expect?
Hello fellow dads,

After a gruelling 9 months of not seeing my son, back and forth court attendance, I was grabted the right to see my son on a 6 week saturday visit.

Story line is, I had a son with my ex (who is Polish and I`m Nigerian) in April last year. Upon getting home on the 21st of May, I realised she has left home with my son and and her mother. The mother has a massive influence on her and has racial sentiments about me. I tried contacting her but she wont pick up my calls...all other endeavours were unsuccessful. I had to go to court.

She made several allegations in court including domestic violence (not physical; coercive and controlling behaviour), that I abuse cocaine and canabbis, that I`m a threat to my son because I cannot provide for him, I`m interested in my son to further my permanent stay in the country and all sorts. The court ordered CAFCASS to conduct a section 7 report to investigate all the allegations. I volunteered for a drug test as I claimed I have never abused drugs in my whole life.

The drugs test came back negative for both drug samples. CAFCASS section 7 report came back absolutely in my favour, key points in the report are:

- It is in the best interest of my son to have a subsisting relationship with the mum and myself.
- I do not appear to be a threat to my son and should be part of his life, especially because he if of mixed race and it will be of benefit for him to understand both cultures.
-That we both should attend SPIP - I have attended and received my certificate.
- What my ex has narrated as domestic violence does not fall within the legal definition of domestic violence and she professionally does not beliefe I had been domestically violent to her rather, it appears to be a case of diffrential cultures.
- The court should order a child contact intervention of 6 weeks; for 2 hours every saturday.

I will complete the supervised visit on 6th April. Reports from the supervisor has been positive, he says he is impressed with the passion and enthusiasm I have shown during the visits and doesnt see why I should not have continued contact with my son especially because he is very young.

My ex has not been co-operative. I once suggested that we jointly celebrate my son`s birthday but refused after consulting with her lawyer.

I have been invited for a next steps meeting - what can and can`t I agree at this meeting? Though, I doubt my ex will be co-operative.

My final hearing is scheduled for 7th June - what should I expect, considering all the above please?

Hoping to hear from you all.

Thanks for your detailed answer.

My ex left with my son at 6weekd old. Long story short, myself and ex had a next steps meeting with a social worker. Ex was initially reluctant to agreeing on a parental plan but was told she likes it or not. I have to see my son, in his best interest and the contact needs to continue in a public place. We eventually agreed a parental plan.

The social worker was quite impressed with my dedication and progress I have made in the contact sessions. She will send the plan and her report to cafcass, who would then send an addendum report to the court.

The only thing we couldn't agree on was taking our son out out of the UK. Social worker says we can agree on mutual consent at the court.

It all appears to be working in my favour.

The final hearing is to be held by 2 justices who has ordered that cafcass officer be present at the hearing. They want this done with as they can see through the delay tactics from my ex.

What should I expect from the hearing?

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