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non-mol breach ?
I came to know today that my ex went to police last month to report breach of molestation order. I didn't hear anything from police in nearly a month now. This came to light after my solicitor submitted request for police report. I have not recvd police report just yet to see what is ex moaning about ! the current non-mol is to expire in about 3 weeks. So what do I make out of this ex'es desperate last ditch of effort to stop me having children contact ? She has been admonished previously for obstructing the contact willfully ?

By the way from my point I do not believe there is any breach except I have exchanged text messages in relation to children. It appears she has sent 6 pages of text messages to police! Happy friday, I'm almost laughing at her desperation but surely don't want to take anything light. Thanks
Does your NMO have a clause in it that says you are able to contact your ex regarding child arrangements? If it does, and all your texts were about that, then I can’t see how you are in breach of it.

I replied to a post a while back where someone had received a notice to attend court for an alleged breach, and I think it was about 4 or 5 months after the date of the alleged breach.

Do you think that maybe your ex is hoping to extend the NMO? They can do this ex-parte, as that happened to my son. One month before his NMO was due to expire his ex made allegations of a breach and then she applied ex-parte to have the order extended. The newly extended NMO had a clause added to it that he was not to have any contact with his son. She didn’t tell the court that he had a CAO in place, and of course they never checked, and so the NMO was extended!
Police do not consider you have breached your non molestation order. That's why you not heard from, them. They are no doubt also aware that there's 3 weeks to go.
thanks Kate and Warwickshire. the NMO is NOT a no contact order. Whats more, the order explicitly made a provision for me to see the children albeit with both parents agreements prior, which ex in her wisdom not only ignored it but made a mockery of the court order when she insisted I go to contact centre. She kept me away from children's hospital appointment and nursery, but as her barrister started whispering in her ears at last hearing and contact centre made another strongest pitch for me to have unsupervised contact with the children, as she realised the noose is tightening I believe she has resorted to going back to police for one last throw of dice. I will see when the report comes what she complained about but one thing for sure, despite knowing only too well how much children needed me, she is out to take me their dad out of their lives all out of spite. she is a complete disgrace to the very idea of motherhood.

Warwickshire thanks for the reassurance. I was kind of preparing for police to knock on the door lol. Come a long way from the days of terrified teens when police stopped me for non functioning tail lamp some 20 years ago to this day exactly year ago police hand cuffing me for the crime I didn't commit. Life is full of experiences, I'm sure I must have grown in all these 20 years.
just to update, I spoke to solicitor and he suggested the same as Warwickshire that Police are not interested in alleged breach and if anything at all it would go against ex at the next court hearing ! Still hanging by the loose thread of faith in the system lol
More update ! And more joys from ex !

Today I got a bundle from court with application from Ex to extend the non-mol as it seems I sent her email asking how my child is doing after he contracted chicken pox and also that I stalked her on Facebook to take evidence ! It seems she also got an audio tape recorded a year ago in which I allegedly have said I don’t care about the court order ( this is when I was still trying to restore our marriage)

In a way I had the intuition that something was up, but I can’t believe all the lame reasons. All I’m thinking right now is this is just another hurdle to cross before I get access with my children back. Hearing next week for this new application, the fun and joys of being a parent means have to deal with poisonous ex’es ! Will update here how the hearing goes.
Good luck!
Courts won't grant it. You didn't look on Facebook a friend of yours was told by a friend and thought you should know about daughter having chickenpox as was chucked on social media

Audio tape I believe can't be used so be calm and child focused at hearing. And also u text ex as your child has chickenpox and felt u should of been informed rather than it appearing on social media first and simply was concerned about your child
Thanks - The hearing on Thursday day before Easter holiday, I had the last hearing before Xmas where I came out victorious Smile I'm genuinely looking forward to this hearing. No doubt I will post here whatever happens. I'm starting to wonder if I'm going to miss the courts when this is all over lol !
Good luck SeanS Smile

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