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Court date
Hi all,
Is it possible to change court date? Last time I was at court it was in February and CAFCASS recommended for a fact finding hearing which both parties agreed. I have now received court order and next hearing is scheduled in August! That is long time to wait. I was wondering if I could ask the court for earlier date alternatively foe a different court.
It means I have to see my kids in a contact centre for 10 months which seems unfair.
I believe you can, at the FHDRA I asked if we could choose a different court that had an earlier final hearing and they agreed. Ex's solicitor blocked it saying that court papers can get lost between courts and that it would be difficult for ex to travel but the judges said no they want it resolved ASAP so we went to a different court. Phone them and have a try but expect your ex to claim she cant make it.

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