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7 months in
Thanks again guys, I think there is another man , we never really argued I'm 59 shortly I don't think I have enough time left to recover from this far less start again
If she's stopped loving you, then you've lost nothing worth having. Now you are free to live life on your own terms and answer to no one - no conflict, no stress, no arguments.. just your life, your way. Go out, grasp it with both hands and ENJOY it!
(04-10-2019, 09:04 AM)Davethedad Wrote: All she said was I don't love you any more I'm leaving just like that, I tried everthing to change her mind

That is what they say when they're seeing someone else - it's guilt so they are nasty. They are trying to justify seeing someone else. It does sound like she has "transferred" her feelings elsewhere but it doesn't mean she will be happy. And there will be times she will have regrets and miss you - be careful. Because at those times they may get in contact or even talk about getting back together, and then the new man will sense this and talk her round and you get hurt all over again.

But - the amazing thing is - life really does go on and there is always some surprise just around the corner. Happiness can happen very suddenly and when you least expect it. So hold on to that and believe it. Live your life knowing something good will happen and all will come right. Accept that this wasn't meant to be. Start a new project/night class etc - it really helps to channel your emotions into something constructive - and at the same time you meet new people, it reminds you you are a great person who can do things, and it builds your confidence.

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