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Barrister vs Solicitor
Any advice on direct access Barrister vs Solicitor? Having first hearing court for child arrangements in 2month time.
I am not confident in court room specially if it is relates child arrangements and it could be too sensitive for me ,also stbx is represented. Spoke with local solicitor via phone and she has advised to use direct access Barrister, so I would cut cost, and solicitor won't be needed.

What are the cost involved using barrister Vs solicitor? What are the differences?
If i was to go through it all again having had a solicitor before, I would do all the form filling and sending, attend the first hearings myself and if no resolution agreed hire a barrister just for the final hearing.
I thought you were going for a consent order with your ex? I would do the same as Andy - dependant on how things are going before first hearing (ie no allegations etc). On the other hand, if you're close to agreement, it can help to have a solicitor or barrister to thrash out an agreement with the other side at first hearing, for a consent order, and then there is no need for a final hearing.
Thanks everyone. Have posted this post, and in evening stbx as a surprise to me agreed on shared childcare. On a rush now to get draft order before she has changed her mind again. Solicitors charging £ 600-900 in my area.
If she will change her mind, I will take AndyConfused advise.

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