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Ex changing kids school
Hello all,

I have a child arrangements order by consent. Children live with ex and have contact with me 3 nights a week. We both live within walking distance of school and 2 after school clubs. Ex is now threatening to move away and change kids school. She wants to move away 10 miles to the outskirts of the city.

My question is what are my legal rights? Does she need my consent to change kids school?

Thanks for all the help
Sorry there isnt anything you can do . I know it will be a total inconvenience . Nothing will get done about it as it's only 10 miles away
Does she not require my consent to change schools? Would I not be able to argue moving away is not in the best interest of the children?
Your ex should be co parenting but unfortunately many choose not to. If she was moving 100 miles away you could argue the case
Technically she should be consulting you on their schools, but most ex's don't. You can't stop her moving 10 miles away. What you can do is, have a say in the schools. And if she doesn't agree with you you can apply for a specific issues order to decide on the schooling. That is a short notice hearing for a "specific" issue such as this - and education is one of those issues.

Has she told you which schools she has "decided" on? If they are good schools then you may not get much help via a specific issues order. If the current schools are much better then you could argue they should remain at their current school.

What this comes down to basically is

1) Is the school good enough (either current one or proposed new one) and
2) Who is going to be sorting the transport?

She is clearly assuming they will continue to be within walking distance of her home and you'll have to drive 10 miles each way when you collect them. However as part of a specific issues application you could say that, if ex's choice of school is decided upon then you wish the order to be amended to say transport will be shared by both parents.

Which 3 nights a week do you have them? Midweek? Or Friday, Sat, Sun, or a combination?

You say she is "threatening" to move. Is she pee'd off about something or do you think she has been planning it.
She has been threatening to move areas since the start of the divorce last year. It is not the first time she has said it to me.
As per my other post regarding taking the children abroad for 4 weeks and my compromise of 2 weeks I suspect she is pee'd off about that and now trying to scare me by threatening to move away.

I have the children wed to sat one week and thurs to sun the following week.

If I had a live with both parents order would she require my consent then? Can I incorporate a clause in the CAO that she cannot move the children out of current school and after school clubs without my agreement?

She has given me no details of the school she has threatened to move children to but I have emailed childrens current school to inform me if they receive a change of school application. Whether they will or obliged to do so I do not know?
The lives with means nothing. School can’t be changed without consent from all with parental responsibility. She will need to tick the box that asks if consent from all has been sought on application. If you can find the school then speak to admissions board and make it clear that you do not consent. (After proving parental responsibility)
Since she has threatened before you can apply for prohibitive steps. She is only moving ten miles, she’ll need to make arrangements to do the school run from new home to current school. Who moves just ten miles and puts the kids through changing schools?
That’s a lot of upheaval for just ten miles.

If it all fails can you do school run to new area?

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