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Contact Centre Visit
Chin up mate, try and stay positive! I can’t imagine what it must be like seeing your kids in a contact centre but focus on the final hurdle, you’ll get to see your kids at your own place and you can put this horrendous part of seeing your kids there in the past.
Dont engage with children's mum in any conversation whatsoever until court. She can ask contact centre . Its only a plaster isnt it.
Thanks. I am looking forward to that day.
I am in no speaking term with children mother and I told contact centre staff what had happened.
Its unbelievable how Mother’s behave sometimes always to the detriment of the children, shocking that women go as far as making up allegations and forcing their own children to have to meet their father in a contact centre, really appalling. I totally respect the system if there are genuine concerns but we all know that often it’s out of pure spite.
Astroman hit the nail on the head, it is shocking that so many dads end up in contact Center only because Ex wanted to act on spite. I have spent last 8 months at contact Center despite judge telling me I’m a good dad, contact Center staff writing week after week that I’m loving father, children services closing case, even the mother admitting to the police that children are fine with me. It is the system that fails the dads but the same system that we need to save us. It is bit ironic but then that is what we have today.
I have received a letter from ex solicitors basically threatening to stop contact. Ex claiming that my son doesn’t want to go to see me which is a big lie and also making new allegations. I am really getting sick and tired of this endless nonsense of allegation. I am going to ask my solicitor to write a strongly worded letter saying that she is in the same legal position as I without a CAO and if for any reason contact stops we will be enforcing the order.
Is there anything else I need to do? I am not willing to respond to nonsense allegations she is making up.
sb1353, until things are put to rest thru finding of fact, you can expect Ex to up the ante....Mine went to police to ask to lock me up as desperate measure. Dont' give her anything and keep the contact with her absolute minimal (nil) and I can't emphasize enough, keep it all child focused -Your solicitor will take care of this. You should still say 'the child will benefit from maintaining the relationship with his/her father, and should contact to be disrupted rather willfully then you will reserve the option of seeking court intervention'
Thanks SeanS. I spoke to my solicitor and she is going to write a letter responding to nonsense allegations. She also wants to clarify that she is in the same legal position as I am and under no circumstances she can refuse contact.
Contact centre manager told me today that she wrote back to my solicitor about lies she told on her behalf. She basically said she was lying and I am hoping this letter will be useful in court. I will find out next week.

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