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Vary the order
Great news Andy, glad you were able to get a defined order - very important as it makes it even more watertight.
How's it going for you Naive?
Not too bad, saw the ex at the school the other day, she looks like she was eating a bee.
After receiving my reply, her solicitor has said ex will attend mediation now lol. I’m pretty sure the solicitor has given her a pasting.
I officially asked the school to be informed and have both parents asked for permission. They said they would get back to me after direction from district legal. That was a couple of weeks ago. Other than that the ex is uncharacteristically quiet. Just waiting for an appointment from mediator now.

On a side note, I’ve been thinking about living together with partner, we’ve been together 2 years and it seems the right time. I’m trying to just get on with life as I normally would and keep the ex separate.
Eating a bee - lol.

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