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Need help againest Social services

i need urgent help/advice as i am living with potentially dangerous women for kids.

she put fake charges or domestic violence with social service said been abused for 15 years ( actual reason she wanted money from me ). 

I have been dealing with social services from last 4 months we had MAPPA/MARC meeting with police health visitor and so many more.

they all agreed there is no evidence of violence as allegation. they asked me min 50 times to confirm that i have committed violence  i clearly said not that never happened.

now they are forcing me to do a Domestic violence course rather then helping me as victim of fake allegation they are forcing me to do this course.

DO i have to got for this 6 weeks course when i havent done anything wrong and she verbally confirmed to them in front of everyone once that she lied. however social worker scared her said all allegation and charges will come to her so she changed her statement again.

what are my options i need to reply to social services ASAP please.
Hi sorry to hear that.

In cases where there are DV/DA allegations it is better to take legal help although it involves costs, but it is important to nip these allegation in the bud else these allegations can spiral out of control. On the flip side of there is no police involvement and no charges you would want to challenge social services on what basis are they recommending the course. I’d have thought the only people who can recommend is cafcass but ordered by court. May be I’m missing few things from your post but like I said getting 30 mins free legal advice would be a good starting point.
How many hours or days is domestic violence course . Have they said what will happen if you decide not to do course
It they seriously believed her and she had evidence then you'd be arrested already. The course simply allows one department to close this out and won't go against you, if you think it might then others here have advised emailing or writing to the people who are insisting you go on the course and say you'll go (you might actually learn some helpful stuff about conflict resolution and communication anyhow) to allow things to progress, but you are still concerned about her behaviour. If she is lying and making things up then presumably your relationship is over and you have concerns about the children? If she is seriously a threat to the kids then you need to do something, record what those events are, email a diary to yourself, take photos and raise concerns formally.

She might be wanting you out the house, and if the relationship is over then you need to start planning a separate life. This depends on a number of factors, if you are married, own your own house etc. Putting those things to one side, getting access to the kids (and their overall welfare) needs to be your number one priority.
Could you try writing to social services in a formal way, setting out what has happened and asking why, as a victim of false allegations of domestic abuse, you are expected to attend a course on domestic abuse? And stating that you feel it is inappropriate when you have done nothing wrong. Also requesting confirmation in writing that all allegations were dismissed. See what their answer is.

I note they said they found no "evidence" of dv, so it sounds like they are covering themselves in case they were wrong. Which is a bit unfair.
I had something similar, my ex physically abused my children, she was cautioned for child cruelty and there were cross allegations of DV from both of us. I had evidence by way of recording when I discussed with her threatening me with a knife. She had no evidence what so ever because it did not happen.

They gave her all the support under the sun, the social worker went out of her way to help her, so much so that the social worker even spoke to her solicitor and even after the case was closed, my ex told me that she spoke to the social worker twice.

I got no support what so ever, they were going to give me some single father support, but when they went to panel they recommend for me to take DVIP which is for men who admit domestic violence.

I simply said, i can not see how this course will benefit me or my children, I respectfully refuse, this is for DV perpetrators and all her allegations are untrue. I have privately taken the single fathers course and would be ask social workers to enrol me in a parental course.

If you live in the same house, get a spy camera and a recording app on your phone, don't fall for any of their tricks, once you accept something, that is it, the wheels will be in motion for her.
(04-28-2019, 09:53 PM)warwickshire1 Wrote: How many hours or days is domestic violence course . Have they said what will happen if you decide not to do course

its 6 to 8 weeks once a week for an hour if i dont go for course they thretening for legal action i dont know hat that means. I need to be scared of scoail services as i have read so many places they are after kids i rather do 10 of this course then lose my innocent kids.

please help me to understand what is the reason social services helping fake allegation and fake person. the who mess was due to money i have officially transfered money in her bank account after that she backed off.
Get a solicitor, let them clarify what they mean.
I would just do the course if its only once a week for a hour . U have to co operate best way you can with them

A real course if they thought you were violent would take months to complete and lots of hours

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