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Decree Nisi support statement

Summary: ex cautioned for child cruelty, kids have been with me for over a year.

I need to write a support statement for my decree nisi. My ex has caused me a great degree of stress and anxiety. She continues to do so as well by her back channel communication with the social worker and boasting that she will take the kids away. She also threatened me recently that she will "burn the world and take the children back if I get married"

Is it a good idea to write something in the supporting statement, I don't want any of this to affect the children by her claiming that I am stressed out etc.

What should I write? She has and continues to stress me out and I am always anxious as to her motives because she has a lot of back channel meetings with social workers etc even though the case is closed. She used this fact in me saying look, I am a woman and more important, they will give the kids back to me.
Ignore what your ex is saying . She is wanting a reaction. You have had the children for a year now and that speaks volumes. Your ex seems to be just saying anything that probably isnt true to get you to react
Do you think a support statement will be with it? For the decree nisi form
Record as much of it as possible. She's giving you ammunition to use in any court battle - the more of this stuff she does, the more she paints herself in the eyes of the court as an unfit mother. Try and communicate solely by text and email where possible and give her every opportunity to incriminate herself

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