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Where to get legal advice for fake DV allegations/starting divorce

where should i go to get quick legal advice on this domestic violance fake allegation and social services as they are after my life and my kids.

they did nto help or listen to any of my comments in 5 months.

As i explained in previous posts i am a victim of a fake allegation of Domestic violence ( 100% fake) wanted me to pay her money whatever she wanted. Not a single medical evidence. Social services cant find any evidence of physical violence so now putting loads of pressure to accept emotional abuse financial control.

from 5 months social services is forcing me to go on domestic violence course ( when i am the real victim not looking for any support from social services) they say its mens world i find it really hard without any evidence they can force me to do the course and accept violence what i never committed. fake feminism is winning everywhere and families are destroyed by social services fake support to supress men who is caring and loving father who is provder no one can see through that all games are played for money nothing else.

How to avoid further fake allegation( wife is from abroad) the moment I move out I will lose my kids as she will run away abroad where there is no haugh convention in place and i will never see my kids again. If i file C66 court order she will file another set of the fake allegation on me.

not sure what to do i am so afraid that one set of the fake complaint and i will lose my life and career
Hi. I would suggest getting a free half hour's legal advice. You can have 3 or 4 actually! With different solicitors. Some will be more helpful than others. Aside from the serious allegations and the worry about social services, there is also the issue of your ex being from abroad and your fear of her abducting the children out of the country. A solicitor may advise submitting a prohibited steps order. And can also advise how to deal with the allegations and social services. However I believe they usually recommend co-operating with social services.

All I can suggest is that you write a brief formal letter to social services (maybe after the legal advice) saying that you will do the course they wish you to do, but you wish it to be formally recorded that the allegations against you are untrue. Ask the Solicitor about the wording. This letter can then be used as evidence if you have to apply for Prohibited steps because Cafcass may be involved then (court social workers) so can see that you have co-operated but denied the allegations.

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