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Anything I can do about this?
Think I know the answer to this, but my STBX spends half her life going behind my back talking to my friends and family trying to cause problems and turn them against me. For instance, she calls my sister at least once a week to badmouth me and it's working unfortunately as my sister has really started to turn against me recently. Same with my mum. Now she's doing it with my friends.

Can I do anything about this other than asking her to stop? She'll say they're her extended family and her friends too, and that's fine, but it's the badmouthing me part that's the problem. She just won't give up and it's really starting to get on my nerves now.
as much as it is pain in the back, I would ignore unless there is serious case legal case of character assassination.

on the flip side of your story, I feel this is your ex want to keep her own relevance through talking to your family and friends, they will get fed up at some point. This might be the case you take the moral high ground and focus on being the best dad for your children ( which you already are, just ignore the noise)
suppose they can block her on phone/social media?
Ignore her if you can, or spend some quality time with your mum and sis and find a way to get your side across, then ask them to ignore her/block her. Likewise with your friends....
You could send a brief, friendly email to your friends and family saying that impending separation has led to Mrs Gra being extremely angry and you do hope that they do not feel overloaded by any negativity coming from her direction. That hopefully matters will settle down once the divorce is finalised.

If she puts anything on social media that is nasty about you, you can take that to the Police and she'll be done for harrassment or something.

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