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It has come to light that the ex ran up debt of over £10k in credit cards and loans during the marriage.

I had no knowledge of them and they are all in her name.

She’s claiming they were to cover bills and maternity leave (they weren’t) and wants the values taken off any lump sum I may be entitled to.

She’s a high earner and is continuing to increase her debts, although she can pay them off easily enough. It looks like she’s trying to reduce her borrowing capacity.

What’s the likelihood of me being made to take responsibility for the debts that were present when we separated and I had no knowledge of? Would the courts clock on to her running up debt to reduce her borrowing capacity?

Thanks in advance for your advice.
Debts as well as assets are considered joint when being accounted for in a divorce settlement.
She should only be asking for half of this debt to be taken off your lump sum.
It’s only in rare cases such as gambling addiction or drugs that debts belong to the individual.
Thank you.

Does it make any difference if the debt has since been paid off?

She is also trying to deduct the mortgage payments made since separation.

I’ve always paid well above the required child maintenance payments.
It depends on the timing of the financial disclosure ( form E) as to whether the debt is taken into account.

Regarding the mortgage payments I would speak to a solicitor as it’s a complex matter
With all these things it’s a matter of balancing what you could gain against legal costs.

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