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Help needed
Hi everyone, it's been a wee while since I've last posted and let's just say things have not got any better, far from it. I have applied to court again to attempt to get a change of residence for my two boys 8 and 6. My oldest son has not been in a classroom for nearly a year now due to his behaviour which is VERY extreme, most recently he threatened to stab a teacher, and only two weeks ago threatened to stab me with a hardened piece of plastic, I know it was plastic but it's still very concerning. My ex has had him diagnosed over Skype by what I call an internet doctor who said he had PANDAS which if you don't know is swelling on the brain...apparently, I personally don't believe it exists and neither do most of the people I have spoken to on the NHS. My ex is clutching at straws as I think she wants any diagnosis to be a reason for his behaviour which to me is as a result of Anger management and could have been addressed months and months ago when I highlighted this. Much to my disgust she has sought private doctors and failed to tell them I existed and her partner identified themselves as being my sons parent, also she has dropped my name from his records which I have two letters from separate doctors as proof. I believe my ex is completely failing our oldest son and a change of residence would prevent him from either being permanently excluded from school or worse, ending up in a young offenders institution, that might seem harsh but he has already jumped on a childs head and is now threatening to stab people, myself included.
I have just received a letter from my ex of what appears to be sent to the courts requesting that because this is the fifth consecutive year that I have applied to court(all with good reason might I add and being out of pocket for it) she has requested for the hearing to be consolidated and heard by a district judge, can anyone say what this means please? And also I applied to the court with my concerns as to the over medication of our son and the failings of her regarding his medical needs. Any advice would be most appreciated. And only last night my ex called my wife which my wife recorded, she was saying how I was going to get ripped apart and I've lied about the DV, and that I could lose my job etc.

Thank you in advance ?

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