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Back in court tomorrow morning!
Oh well, back in court tomorrow morning!

Start of my application to vary/define existing CAO and ex's application against me for a non-mol and occupation order.

I'll let you know what happens.
Good luck
Good luck andy!
How did you get on Andy?
Well that was strange.

Non-mol application never got mentioned!

We agreed ex can stop in house till my son is 18. She has to pay mortgage and all bills. As we're not married she must have been advised on the possible costs associated with the TOLATA process to sort out the house finances in the future. So we agreed a 35 to 65 split on house sale in my favour when sold.

There was a bit back and forth trying to sort the CAO out so waiting for the draft order to come to see if it's what we agreed.

Does anybody know the process if I don't agree with the draft, can I ask for the hearing to be heard again if not happy?

Seems funny that the non-mol never got a mention though?
I don’t know for sure Andy, but I think it could be that you had a Barrister representing you on this occasion so things went in your favour. Many guys on here have to represent themselves, and that’s very daunting, and maybe judges have some prejudice against this.

I think your Barrister will ensure that the order is written up correctly.

Sounds like things are going in the right direction for you, and that's good to hear.
hi Andy,

That sounds very positive, especially the house split when your son reaches 18. Hopefully the CAO draft order won't be an issue but make sure you go over it with a fine tooth-comb!
Who was writing up the draft order? Presumably your Barrister? I had issues with the other side messing about refusing to approve the draft, and wanting to change things after the hearing etc. But if that happens you can threaten to go back for the court to approve the order and they'll probably cave in. Am sure your barrister will get it sorted.
To be honest my barrister was a waste of time. I kept asking for information on discussions for the consent order before seeing the judge. We went in and ex's solicitor started stating what had been agreed, I was too busy questioning my barrister about some of the aspects of it before it was done!
My fear is as it was all a blur to me that when I see the draft I now might not agree with what's on it.
So that's my question, can I ask for changes to it or once the draft is done can it not be changed?
Her solicitor is writing the draft which I'll be seeing before submitting.

One main point was getting ex to agree a midweek overnight to which she refused. Her solicitor asked the judge for her guidance on that and she answered by saying she can't see it being a problem if it was put before her. So, I asked my barrister afterwards why wasn't it added to consent order to which he replied we'll request it later!
Very disappointed with barrister!
one thing that I have learnt from this forum which I'm looking to use when I get to that point is having an absolute down the detail 'parenting plan' that will be used at the court during dispute resolution which can also be transferred into a consent order. That way there is no room for guess work or last mintute surprises. Hope you get to fix the draft order.

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