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Appeals and Fact Finding issues
Found some useful info.  On a Womens Rights website!  Everything you want to know about appealing family court decisions.  Look at the info in the green box which is an example - saying permission to appeal a fact finding is likely to be successful when the result is only based on a Judges opinion of who they believe.  I know there have been some devastating results for some people to fact findings, so appeal - and here is the info.

For other cases, there is no need for permission to appeal if the case has been heard by magistrates - you can automatically appeal. If it's been heard by a Judge you have to apply for permission to appeal.
Interesting. Has anyone appealed against a magistrate's decision?
I have appealed successfully against DDJ ( Deputy District Judge) and managed to successfully overturn the original judgement. It was on a Financial case, nonetheless the appeal process is that same.

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